How to Identify And Avoid Forex Scams

Since Tinder came onto the market in , online dating has been growing in popularity. People all over the world were delighted with the ability to access access millions of attractive potential mates with just few swipes of a finger. In fact, it’s not longer a strange thing for a serious couple to have met online. Some studies have even shown that use of online dating sites among young adults ages nearly tripled from to , rising from 10 percent to 27 percent. However, online dating is also filled with potential for frauds. These internet scams aren’t unique to Singapore or to online dating. Loneliness, lust and greed are just few examples of the most basic human instincts and vulnerabilities that are exploited by online scammers and catfishers.

Dating apps used to seduce gullible investors

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Women are being paid big commissions to use online dating sites to seduce gullible men into trading highly leveraged financial derivatives with the promise of friendship or romance, according to confidential analysis of pressure sales techniques. ASIC last week announced plans to ban contracts for difference, along with similarly complex and risky binary options. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission is aware of the potential marketing abuses and pressure sales but is primarily targeting the attributes of the product, such as leverage and margin exposure.

The regulator also last week announced plans to ban contracts for difference, along with similarly complex and risky binary options. The products are also backed by sophisticated investors who claim the issue is educating investors to the potential risks of the products, rather than banning, or radically reducing leverage. The number of investors and brokers has soared in the past two years as Australia became a regional centre for contract for difference across the region, including China where the products are banned.

Confidential market analysis provided to The Australian Finance Review reveals male investors claim women introducers described themselves as wealthy investors who had made lots of money trading in the products and encouraged them to set up accounts, trade and made trade recommendations. Other popular introducers include taxi drivers. The investors claimed they were pressured into depositing more money and continue trading even after suffering high losses.

Some claim they have been encouraged to use their superannuation to top up gaming accounts. Other incentives being used include free gifts, such as a tablet computer, on the condition that investors take a prescribed number of CFD positions, which can lead to more frequent trading and heavier losses. Some brokers offer bonus credits to existing investors who have received a margin call — which is a demand by a broker that an investor deposit further cash or securities to cover possible losses — to encourage them to continue trading.

The credits are rebates of the spread fees, which the broker charges the investor, and are made on the condition clients top up their deposits. Brokers range from global giants, like IG Group, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange, to local traditional brokers that have expanded into more lucrative derivatives, and small start-ups, many of whom are servicing the booming Asian market.

Fraud and Scams

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Here at Trading Education, we believe that when done well, forex trading can be a successful and profitable business. However, there are many misconceptions and misleading statements out there. No matter the exact market, losses are an inevitable part of financial trading. The true mark of a successful trader is being able to win more than is lost, as steep losses could be detrimental to your account and activities. Forex is about trends and numbers. The sums go up and down.

That dynamic has inherent negatives and positives. True traders know and embrace that. You should understand that fact of the forex game if you want to become a good player. As with most types of financial trading, determining how much you can reasonably afford to risk is important. With forex trading, this is just as important as having solid entries and exits.

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An old point-spread forex scam was based on computer manipulation of bid-ask spreads. The point spread between the bid and ask basically reflects the commission of a back-and-forth transaction processed through a broker. These spreads typically differ between currency pairs. The scam occurs when those point spreads differ widely among brokers. A pip is the smallest price move that a given exchange rate makes based on market convention. Since most major currency pairs are priced to four decimal places, the smallest change is that of the last decimal point.

A foreign exchange spot transaction, also known as FX spot, is an agreement between two parties to buy one currency against selling another currency at an.

Some scams are very easy to spot while other scams may appear to be genuine offers or bargains. Scams can even take place without you doing anything at all. Identity theft. Identity theft is a type of fraud that involves the theft of your personal information including your name, date of birth, address and other details. Fraudsters then use this information to proceed with the following; open bank accounts, obtain credit cards, start an illegal business or even apply for a drivers licence. Tell your bank, credit provider or the relevant company what has happened.

If any accounts have been opened with your stolen details, ask for them to be closed or cancelled.

8 Things Successful Forex Traders Won’t Say

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A foreign exchange spot transaction, also known as FX spot , is an agreement between two parties to buy one currency against selling another currency at an agreed price for settlement on the spot date. The exchange rate at which the transaction is done is called the spot exchange rate. As of , the average daily turnover of global FX spot transactions reached nearly 1.

Common methods of executing a spot foreign exchange transaction include the following: [1]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bank for International Settlements. Retrieved 17 September Retrieved 30 September Retrieved 14 December Categories : Foreign exchange market. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

Forex Calendar

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Introduction Value dates are the dates on which FX trades settle, i. Forward trades It is possible to settle trades on dates other than the spot date, in which case the rate is adjusted by forward points account for the interest rate differential between the two currencies being traded. In addition to the spot date, there are many standard tenors on which it is possible to settle an FX trade. Post-spot tenors are calculated from the spot date, not from the trade date.

It is also possible to settle on any value date between any standard tenor; this is known as a “broken date”. A reason for this is that all currencies in the interbank forward market are traded only against USD, and given that all tenors are calculated from the spot date, which is usually the value date of one swap leg, the spot date cannot be a USD holiday.

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easyMarkets Review , User Ratings, Bonus, Demo & More Whether trading spot forex or options on FX, Saxo makes it easy for traders to access over.

Advanced currency management allows you to manage dated exchange rates within opportunities using Salesforce. Dated exchange rates allow you to map a conversion rate to a specific date range. For example, the exchange rate on January 1 was 1 USD to 1. Dated exchange rates are defined using a start date and a conversion rate. Each rate is in effect until either the end of time or the day before the next start date for that currency.

The time between one start date and the next start date is called the exchange rate date range. These ranges can be as small as a day and as large as all time. To enable or disable advanced currency management, see Enabling or Disabling Advanced Currency Management. When advanced currency management is first enabled, your existing exchange rates automatically become the first set of dated exchange rates. These rates are valid for all time, until you define another set of exchange rates.

For more information, see Editing Dated Exchange Rates. If you disable advanced currency management, all currency conversions use the static conversion rate. See Edit Conversion Rates.

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